Do Cooling Ice Blankets Work in Summer?

Summer heat can make it difficult to get a good night's sleep. Rising temperatures prevent the body from cooling off properly, leading to restlessness, sweating, and constant wakeups. This can leave you feeling exhausted the next day.

A cooling ice blanket is one solution to beat the summer sleeping blues. But do these innovative blankets work as advertised? Keep reading to find out.

How Do Cooling Ice Blankets Work?

Cooling blankets excel at extracting heat from your body, ensuring a consistently cool night's sleep. Unlike traditional blankets, they facilitate airflow through internal air pockets or moisture-wicking fibers, preventing heat buildup.

Key Technologies:

  • Phase Change Material (PCM):
  • PCM-infused blankets use special gels or particles to absorb and store heat, extracting excess warmth from your skin and promoting a cooler sensation.

  • Moisture-Wicking Fabrics:
  • Bamboo, cotton, polyester blends in blankets wick away moisture, optimizing airflow to prevent waking up drenched in sweat.

  • Temperature Regulation:
  • Advanced cooling blankets can sense your body temperature, adjusting their coolness level accordingly for an optimal sleep environment. Woven into blankets, these technologies create a lightweight, breathable cooling effect, potentially lowering skin temperature by up to 5 degrees.

    Benefits of Sleeping with a Cooling Blanket

    Switching to a cooling blanket can transform your sleep on hot summer nights. Benefits include:

    Enhanced Sleep Duration:

    Regulate your body temperature to avoid night sweats, promoting deeper sleep and fewer awakenings.

    Increased Morning Refreshment:
    Uninterrupted sleep cycles lead to higher-quality rest, leaving you recharged for the day ahead.

    Cost-Effective Cooling:

    Reduce reliance on air conditioning, lowering energy bills while staying comfortably cool.

    Insomnia Relief:

    Cooling blankets can mitigate the challenges of falling and staying asleep, relieving insomnia sufferers.

    Health Condition Support:

    Aid conditions like anxiety, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, menopausal night sweats, and more with the temperature-regulating benefits of cooling blankets – a drug-free solution.

    Types of Cooling Blankets

    Several cooling blanket types exist to cater to different needs and budgets. Common varieties include:

    1. PCM Cooling Blankets: Use phase change materials in a polyester shell for affordable, advanced cooling.
    2. Water Cooling Blankets: Circulate water to absorb body heat, providing a cold pack-like cooling effect.
    3. AC Powered Electric Blankets: Offer customizable temperatures down to 55°F using AC power, but watch for higher energy costs.
    4. Bamboo Fabric Blankets: Provide natural moisture-wicking and cooling with eco-friendly bamboo.

    How Cold Do Cooling Blankets Get?

    Cooling blanket temperatures vary amongst different models but usually range from mild coolness to quite cold. Here’s a quick temperature guide:

    • Mild Cooling Blankets: Around 5-10 degrees below average body temperature. Enough cooling to stop sweats without intense cold.
    • Medium Cool Bedding: Drops 15-20 degrees below body temp—strong cooling for hot sleepers but not freezing.
    • Ultra Cool Blankets: Up to 30 degrees below average temp. It's ideal for those who run extremely hot but too cold for some.

    Adjustable cooling blankets allow you to customize blanket temps to your personal preference. This way any user can find their perfect balance of cooling and coziness for restful sleep.

    Are Cooling Blankets Safe?

    When appropriately used, cooling blankets pose little health risk for most sleepers. However, there are a few considerations:

    • Avoid direct skin contact with water-based blankets for long periods to prevent irritation and rashes.
    • PCM and water blankets may feel uncomfortably cold for some users.
    • Not suitable for infants or young toddlers who can’t regulate body temperature well.
    • Individuals with circulatory conditions should take extra care regulating blanket coldness.

    To be safe, consult your doctor before using a cooling blanket if you have any medical conditions or concerns.

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    Research shows temperature plays an important role in sleep regulation. When you feel too hot and uncomfortable at night, both sleep quality and quantity suffer.

    Cooling blankets combat rising heat through advanced moisture and heat controlling fabrics. As demonstrated by popular options like the Aussie Ice Cooling Blanket, they can transform how you sleep all summer long.

    So if sweltering, sweat-soaked summer nights have you dreading bedtime, give one of these innovative blankets a try. With high-tech natural chill and sweat protection, you’ll rest easier when temperatures climb.


    How does a cooling blanket stay cold all night?
    Cooling blankets use advanced fabrics to absorb and dissipate body heat, maintaining a cool temperature without refrigeration. For extra coolness, store them in the fridge before bedtime.

    Can you wash cooling blankets?
    Most cooling blankets are machine-washable. Avoid bleach, use a cold, gentle cycle, and either tumble dry on low or air dry.

    Do cooling blankets help with anxiety?
    Yes! Cooling blankets create a calm sleep environment, reducing anxiety triggers like night sweats and overheating. Deep, uninterrupted sleep contributes to emotional stability.

    How often should you replace a cooling blanket?
    With proper care, cooling blankets maintain effectiveness for up to 5 years. Replace if you notice thinning fabric, holes, or reduced moisture-wicking performance.

    Can a cooling blanket help with menopause night sweats?

    Absolutely. Cooling blankets regulate temperature and control sweat, providing drug-free relief for menopausal night sweats and hot flashes.