4 Devices That Help in Stretching Neck and Curing Discomfort

A large number of people will experience neck discomfort every year - approximately 25-60% of the population. To state this obvious fact feels funny to me, since it's SO common.

How are we trying to resolve this problem? Taking care of our neck discomfort involves more than just protecting it with stretches. If we want to do more than just 'bandaid' our discomfort, what can we do? My search for a solution that does not require surgery, medications, or invasive treatments is the same as yours. This can be done with cervical traction devices at home. Your spinal vertebrae and muscles are stretched with the help of cervical traction devices (and counterforce). By decompressing the vertebrae, your muscles can relax and your nerves can be relieved of stress. 

In this article, we feature our top cervical traction devices designed for home use. But Should be used under the supervision of health experts.

You can choose from a variety of designs and consider a variety of features before making a purchase. Check out the guide below to find out how to choose the right device, what we recommend, our top favourites, and to read our frequently asked questions!

  1. Inflatable Neck Device
  2. Muscle Relaxer Device For Neck & Shoulder Discomfort Stiffness
  3. Intelligent Neck Massager With Electric Pulse
  4. Cervical Pillow for Neck Support & Discomfort Relief

Inflatable Neck Device

This FORENT INFLATABLE NECK DEVICE is a portable device that is convenient and easy to use. The head halter provides a comfortable fit for the user and a steady tension that helps relieve discomfort quickly. While using this neck traction device, you can stand, sit, or lie down and benefit from the combined air-powered traction device and cervical collar, which provides therapy and support.

Relieving pressure on your arms, neck, and shoulders, helps improve posture, mobility, and circulation. Totally washable and fastened with simple buckles, it's easy to use.

Feature Highlights

  • Relaxes muscles through gentle stretching to relieve discomfort
  • An orthopaedic engineering solution that provides effective treatment on a daily basis
  • You can carry it anywhere because it is highly portable
  • With a soft, comfortable cervical collar, this air traction device is lightweight and comfortable
  • An easy-to-fasten and simple-to-use design encourages compliance with the device

Muscle Relaxer Device For Neck & Shoulder Discomfort Stiffness

If your neck is in discomfort, it's time to find effective and professional traction for it. With positive stimulation and massage to neck muscles as well as traction, this neck stretcher and massager activates neck muscles. This cervical pillow is made from skin-friendly PU material that is non-absorbent, provides excellent comfort and resiliency, never deforms, and gives the neck strong support. According to some experts, this method soothes neck discomfort, muscle soreness, and TMJ discomfort with no medications or unnecessary surgeries. Whenever the head is pulled back by gravity, the vertebrae are separated and expanded, allowing effective physical therapy.

Feature Highlights

  • Foam with a dense and soft texture for a stable base 
  • Exceptional spinal support
  • A design that is ergonomically concave and convex
  • The cap fits perfectly on the head
  • Maintains good posture

Intelligent Neck Massager With Electric Pulse

It simulates a hand massage on your neck to relieve stiff muscles or tension, reduce cervical discomfort/fatigue, promote blood circulation, and supply your brain with adequate oxygen. In addition to 3 modes and 15 intensity levels, this massager features a temperature constant of 107.6°F as well as an optional heating function (Turn on/off as needed). 

In order to stimulate your muscles, this neck massager pilllow emits low frequency pulses to mimic three different kinds of massage techniques (Automatic pulse/ Scraping/ Cupping/ Acupuncture). By utilising the most advanced technology, the Intelligent Neck Massager With Electric Pulse neck massager mimics the effectiveness of traditional neck massages and provides quick relief from neck discomfort

In order to be productive and stay healthy, neck support is essential for discomfort relief. Designed for deep tissue massage with heat, the Intelligent Neck Massager With Electric Pulse soothes your neck and shoulders. You need a break from stiff neck discomfort, relaxation, and refuelling. Without the hassle of a massage parlour, this smart massage delivers full benefits!

Know more about this Neck Massager in the Video.

Feature Highlights

  • Smart chip powered by artificial intelligence
  • Remote control with wireless technology
  • Easily portable
  • Therapy with hot compresses
  • Switching between multiple modes
  • Pulsed TENS therapy

Cervical Pillow for Neck Support & Discomfort Relief

With its cervical pillow for neck support & discomfort relief, the Cervical Pillow is a great neck pillow for neck discomfort. There is no better cervical pillow than this one to prevent muscle wear and tear. Due to its hypoallergenic qualities, it prevents users from being in contact with allergens, bacteria, and microbes. In addition to being highly breathable, it is also extremely airy. Your sleep won't be disrupted by snoring when you use the cervical foam pillow.

This cervical pillow is undoubtedly different from other pillows in that it seeks to provide its users with the best sleeping experience possible. As far as durability and efficiency are concerned, this pillow is a topper. It's a natural pillow that heals its users naturally with its washable cover. It provides incredible support, luxury, and advantages because of the premium quality memory foam used.

This pain free aussies cervical pillow is made with superior quality materials. It's an ergonomically designed memory foam pillow with gel-infused memory foam for supreme comfort. A huge variety of health benefits are provided along with this cooling technology.

Feature Highlights

  • Having an orthopaedic pillow will ensure a peaceful night's sleep
  • Supports the neck with a contoured design
  • There is a soft feeling and a good aesthetic to the plush covering.
  • It is ideal for relieving stress and strain on the neck, which remains in a flexed position throughout the day
  • A simple, easy-to-use, long-lasting product that is easy to maintain

In conclusion

When nerves are compressed and discs are strained, neck discomfort can severely affect your quality of life and ability to perform everyday activities. Multiple physical therapy appointments can be cumbersome to treat cervical issues, so some patients opt out of treatment even when it can be beneficial. Decompression therapy and its accompanying discomfort relief can be available at home thanks to several quality devices specifically designed for home use. For more details on purchasing neck traction devices at painfreeaussies.com.au, visit our Neck Health page.