How to use a neck pillow in the car?

Using a neck pillow while driving or riding in a car can help provide extra neck support and prevent discomfort or stiffness from developing. Neck pillows are designed to cradle the neck and fill the gap between the neck and the car seat.

Selecting the right style of neck pillow and properly positioning it is key to getting the most benefit.

This article will provide tips on choosing a neck pillow for car use and properly utilizing it for optimal comfort and support.

Proper Neck Support Helps Prevent discomfort in the Car

Supporting your neck during car trips helps maintain alignment and avoid strain. The upright seated position during driving, along with vibration from the road and movements of checking mirrors and looking around, can tax neck muscles over time.

Using a neck pillow provides extra cushioning and stops your neck from drooping downward or to the side, which can lead to muscle tightness or spasms.

Choosing the Best Neck Pillows for Car Use

When selecting a neck pillow for car use, focus on features that enhance comfort and stability:

1. Adjustable Support:

Opt for pillows with removable or addable filling for customizable firmness. Some designs even offer inflatable inner bladders, allowing precise adjustment.

2. Contour Design:

Choose a pillow with a contoured shape that supports the natural curve of your neck, preventing head drooping. U or horseshoe shapes are preferable over standard rectangular ones.

3. Stays in Place:

Look for pillows with straps, flap extensions, or specific shaping to keep them stable around your neck, eliminating the need for constant readjustment.

4. Breathable Fabric:

Prioritize pillows made of or covered with moisture-wicking materials like bamboo rayon. This ensures a cooler feel against your skin during long car journeys while avoiding plastic coverings that may cause sweating.

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Positioning Your Neck Pillow Properly in the Car

Ensure optimal comfort and spinal alignment with your chosen car neck pillow:

1. Base of the Neck Placement:

Sit upright and position the neck pillow at the base of your neck, filling the space between your shoulders. It should touch just below the bottom of your skull, avoiding higher placement.

2. Unobstructed Ears:

Ensure the neck pillow sides don't cover your ears to maintain awareness of sounds like conversation or warning chimes.

3. Avoid Slouching:

Resist the temptation to slouch; maintain an upright posture for the best alignment and muscle comfort.

4. Adjust Fluffiness:

Fine-tune the pillow's thickness by adding or removing filler for optimal support, preventing neck drooping or angling.

5. Check and Adjust:

If neck discomfort persists, make minor adjustments in position or consider switching to a different pillow for improved support.

6. Maintain Good Posture:

Face forward without prolonged head turning, adjusting your seat and mirrors for a front-facing posture to minimize muscle strain.

7. Add Heat or Massage:

Explore neck pillows with built-in heat or vibration massage features for extra relief during long trips. Stay alert and avoid becoming too comfortable.

Properly Using a Neck Pillow Reduces discomfort

Using the right neck pillow and maintaining proper driving positioning significantly reduces postural strain. A specially designed neck pillow for in-vehicle use, combined with healthy seat posture, helps prevent headaches, muscle tightness, and soreness. Prioritize your neck's well-being during long drives by utilizing proper neck support—your muscles will appreciate it!


Driving or traveling by car for extended time periods without sufficient neck support can certainly lead to discomfort. But utilizing an appropriately designed neck pillow specifically tailored for car use can remedy that issue. Seek out neck pillows with contours, adjustable fill and stabilizing features to provide ideal support. Take care to properly position at the base of the neck while maintaining upright posture for the maximum discomfort-preventing benefit.

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Q: Will using a neck pillow while driving cause safety issues?

A: No, as long as the neck pillow does not obstruct your vision or impede your ability to fully turn your head to check surroundings. Choose minimalist neck pillow styles and make sure not to sink down into a slouched posture.

Q: Can neck pillows be used in backseats too?

A: Yes, neck pillows work just as well for passengers to make long rides in the backseat more comfortable and prevent strain. Adults may prefer a more substantial neck pillow while lighter ones can work well for children.

Q: What temperature ratings should I look for in a car neck pillow?

A: Seek out neck pillows made with materials suitable for very warm or cold climates based on your location. Some feature removable covers allowing you to easily change for winter vs. summer use.

Q: Memory Foam or Other Fillings?

A: Memory foam contours well but can feel warm; polyester microfiber offers good support. Experiment with materials for your preferred firmness and heat retention.

Q: Ideal Neck Pillow Size?

A: Standard adult-sized (around 12 inches) pillows are generally suitable. Adjust for a slender or wide neck with smaller or larger sizes (typically 10 to 14 inches across).